Goodwill Investment Inc.


Goodwill Investment Inc.
WORLD TRADE CENTER Leutschenbachstr. 95, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland

Goodwill Investment Inc. is a private equity and stock market investor with over two years of experience in the respected fields. We pride ourselves in providing world class investment opportunities for businesses and individuals all around the world. With our network of highly skilled and experienced advisors and partners, we can help set up new and upcoming ideas in no time and provide the necessary tools and needs for any startups and new businesses.

Meet our team in Zurich and start to monetize your mind. We appreciate getting to know you.


  • Provide capital for equity
  • Focus on technology and patents
  • Our approach is long term businesses with high growth
  • Capabilities for wide-coverage advertising
  • Provider of experience, legal advice by our corporate lawyers and licensing

Goodwill Investment Inc. – New concepts in technology

If you are a founder and on the search for capital for your business send an email to our team. Specify the requested amount and we will get back to you in a few days.

We also buy companies or patents.